A Day with MaHaNwe Magazine

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Good Morning everyone ! Just only second day of the week and I am feeling pump =)

I had mentioned you all a month ago that I was busy with big project, and here it is. This was what I was doing past few weeks, shooting for one of the fashion magazine company from my country in Burma (Myanmar). I am so proud to represent myself in MAHANWE magazine as Burmese Fashion/ Lifestyle Blogger who currently lives in Australia. Big thanks to the editor Austin Thein for giving me this opportunity to be a part of his magazine and we worked really well together although we are thousand miles apart. Another big thanks to GlamCorner , Cue & Veronika Maine for sponsoring me with all their amazing outfits, makeup and photography to Brenda Chang and Saran Makeart by S&B with their effortless creations.

More outfit details and behind the senses will come up with my next post I hope you all enjoy reading this and have a wonderful week ahead <3

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