Phway Phway is originally from Burma (Myanmar) and is a writer who explores the insights, thoughts and recommendations on the latest trends and fashion from the simple to the extreme. She believes that we all have the power to create our own reality and that writing empowers each of us to create a reality that fulfils the heart’s desire. Her writing encourages audiences to challenge popular beliefs and to develop creative approaches to all life situations.

After finishing her studies, Phway has shifted her focus to a mission that has been close to her heart since her childhood. As a very attentive and motivated woman, Phway has experienced the daily media of female images on television, in movies, in magazines, and in novels, creating an in depth insight and interest in fashion from the 1940’s up until today.

Believing that all women have the ambition to obtain anything they put their hearts and minds to, Phway has decided to challenge the unrealistic standards by offering alternative narratives of fashion, lifestyle, travel, and empowerment in fiction and nonfiction genres. She feels that these narratives can enlighten women in a unique and non-traditional way.

Her mission: to help all women embrace their own beauty and develop “body love.”

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