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First Outfit
Dress : ACNE
Clutch : Giles
Heels : Mollini
Ring : YSL
Second Outfit
Earrings & Belt : CUE

Don’t you feel great when you find and stumble across something cool or different when just doing some window shopping or thrift store browsing? Well in this instance it was just random online web shopping that did it for me. That particular afternoon I was online shopping and browsing a few websites as its something i always do every now and then when I saw this amazing dress among all  the millions dresses on the ACNE clothing website. It was love at first sight and to make things even better it was on sale too. I had no choice but to get it since the opportunity was right in front of me.

I have always been in love with ACNE brand as their designs have always portrayed a cool tomboyish chic look added with graffiti prints, which i have always been fond of the simple yet slightly edgy look. ACNE Studios is originally from Sweden and the company was started by creating hundreds of pairs of jeans in raw denim with red stitching, which became one of their trade mark designs. From such a simple concept it brought the ACNE brand to new heights and now it is worldwide clothing brand.

Back to my outfits, when I got my dress I figured out and noticed that you could wear it inside out this was odd at first, but made it such a versatile piece being able to create different looks from the one dress that meant two different outfits that you could accompany with different types of accessories as well. As you can see in my photos above I wore the dress in two different ways. Every outfit as i have mentioned in all my previous posts you have to think about what accessories to go with it or what kind of shoes would suit it to complete the look. Remembering on that note most of the time, less is sometimes best when it comes it accessories. So I decided to pair it up with Assassin by Mollini heels along with a colourful Gilies’s illustration pouch, which I had purchased not along ago and was waiting for a look i could match it up with and this was perfect.  All the pieces of the outfit complemented each other quite well and it managed to give the already stylish two in one dress even more of a edgy yet still simple look.

The dress itself in the end was a great pick up it was a great addition to my ever growing wardrobe but showed how creative and innovative designers can be. Being able to use one item of clothing and having the versatility to change it around to mix and match it with so many different looks is what fashion styling is all about.

And also New York Fashion Week has started a week ago. Can’t wait to see all new seasons from different brands to get inspiration!


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