I say culotte

IMG_7253 1

IMG_7237IMG_7254Top : Cue’s Crepe Bell Sleeve Top
Culotte : Veronika Maine
Heels : ZARA
Accessories : Necklace ( KooKai )

Hello Everyone !

It has been decade I was idle from my blog. It wasn’t because of being lazy, I just have been caught up with a lot of things. This is my first quick blog post of 2015, so I am quite nervous and excited. Let me start with what I have been obsessed with lately, I say CULLOTTEĀ ! haha yes, that’s right. Different designs, colours, fabrics, and length make various way of styling. The one I was wearing in this post is one of my favourite collections and it’s from Veronika Maine by matching with Cue’s crepe bell sleeve top. Both outfits are made of 100% Polyester, so it doesn’t crease or ironing doesn’t not require too ! Perfect pants for busy bees and travelling. If you haven’t own one, I would suggest to grab one asap. You will find out how useful the culotte is.

Happy Australia Day and I hope you all enjoying reading this. More posts are coming soon so stay tuned ! xx


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